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In all stars are guilty. Recently the sun was in connection with Venus. The pressure created there, above, still prevails, at least, over me. Plus of heat of the middle of June. The planet flies up to a point of a years solstice. And eleven-year peak of solar activity on which we just are. Somewhere in these coordinates also owed me подстеречь love.
The love it or not love to tell difficultly as I till now am not assured, that it, the love, exists. The further from a youth, the the doubt is stronger. But acquaintances for last days was a little, and a feather to undertake it has forced me only. Asya.
However, Asya is a Russian variant of a name. Generally it - Асия. Asia. The east. Business thin. Yes, it is thin, harmonous. It is swarty.
I considered it in the afternoon earlier when has come to the REGISTRY OFFICE behind the certificate on divorce which is necessary for me for reception of the Russian passport. The manager, too rather pleasant woman for a look, especially its bust is good, ordered to wait to me while it will invite me. I sat on a soft sofa in a beautiful hall from which wall two photobrides of work of pictorialist Melnikova Anatoly Ivanovicha known to me looked. To a word. And here through this spacious hall there passed from the cabinet in a cabinet of the manager this young lady to any dark brown jacket, from under обреза which legs служительницы the REGISTRY OFFICE began. It went, certainly, beautifully, as the model. Work such. All should be beautiful. Here incorporate for ever or for a while loving hearts. I have noticed on its beautiful leg, behind, more close to обрезу, small round шрамик. Меченая. Carries to me on меченых. But this дефектик did not spoil it, and only shaded beauty of direct legs.
And here Friday. Day of wedding. And I, not thinking of it, having collected the necessary pieces of paper, having paid 84 roubles for divorce (one minimal salary), hasten in the REGISTRY OFFICE. No, I would like to see not Asya, and it начальницу. Leaving the REGISTRY OFFICE in the afternoon earlier, I even tried to compose a rhyme. Something has turned out like: « Who time has seen these breasts, it any more will be not not forgotten … » by Me to it then the compliment has told: « At you very courageous order, » - then it, been confused and having lowered to a table of an eye has told: « Well all. Good-bye. »
Our conversation has been already finished.
Approaching to the REGISTRY OFFICE, I still have from apart seen small group бракосочетающихся which were photographed on a background of the Temple of a legal fastening of love. The line from песенки Damask steel Окуджавы was recollected: « On Pushkin''s background the family … is removed »
In the REGISTRY OFFICE already nobody was, except for Asya. However, it seemed to me, that someone disappeared in lateral комнатушке its cabinet, absolutely small. Asya was in a light short dress. But as it, having met me, at once villages for a table, I could not see its legs. But on person Asya enough interesting, that it to consider to admire its east beauty. Besides, with it easily and pleasantly to conduct conversation. It feels humour, and it already a parameter of mind.
Asya has popularly explained to me, that today not that day when similar papers stand out, besides, the manager is not present, and it to the given operation of the attitude has no. And I did not grumble. To receive the certificate this day I did not want already even because this day brother-in-law Jury, the husband of the sister my was spouses, one year ago, has died.
Here it is a high time to pass to Asya''s portrait. At it black as the African night hair, dark eyes, direct, long, with the deflexed ends of an eyebrow that testifies to intelligence. A nose within the limits of norm, and the juicy, large lips speaking about sensuality владетельницы. But the main thing in something. In its mimic gestures, in its manner to speak, smile. In it раскрепощенности this day. Probably, it has tasted together with young.
It was talkative, has given out to me the necessary information. On horoscope Козерог. It is dissolved. Daughter Eve of three years. Белокура. The husband was Russian. It азербайджанка with the Tatar makeweight. But we with it send to the assumption, that in its blood gipsy jets flow also. It has appeared, that it too draws and writes verses. Well than not a gift? Considering its hands, has seen on the right hand, there, where usually cut veins, a zigzag crimson scar.
- What is it?
- With the husband have sworn. Has struck a hand in glass, has broken, and when pulled out a hand back, has unstitched. Cut a vein. It was caught long by doctors, that сшить.
Here such it, our Carmen.
The most interesting has begun during the moment and after signing at once two my poetic opuses. "Hoarfrost" and « All stars ». "Hoarfrost" has left to Asya with such postscript: « Козерогу from the big letter from, too horned, a Taurus ». " All stars " has signed so: " Гименейше from the author ". Has handed over to it fruits of my creativity. And then has explained to it, that when I give the book, it is usual - ritual - the whole to it a hand. And how, at present, I give at once two books...
And Asya has stretched to me at once two hands which, serially, I have quiveringly kissed. The touching moment. It should be felt. It is in words badly transferred. An electric current. At it and at me it for the first time. Novelty. Creativity.
Then Asya, having made any manipulation on a nape, has dismissed dense black hair as though there has already come night. I, from its sanction, have touched its hair. They elastic if to not tell, rigid.
- Strong character?
It has noded in the consent.
Asya has admitted, that in it to year to it carries on Tauruses. It has a little lowered ecstasy. And I have recollected its yesterday''s visitor, is short остриженного the young man who has entered into its cabinet with any box, probably, of chocolate. They cheerfully spoke about something. Well, such people in loneliness do not miss.
Leaving, I have asked once again its hand. It has stretched as for hand shake. And I have shaken, and then have kissed it меченую a hand. A pleasant, soft leather. Still the category of an electric current. A dangerous pressure. And the perfect absence of feeling of age.
Speaking about that in it to year all its new friends appeared Tauruses (here wedding on "Волгах" with sirens it was carried by - its work!) as though gave me any hope. I a Taurus. One of them.



The next appointment to Asya took place. Even two. The first - on distance. There was lunch time, the beginning of the second. I went to a museum to hand over for sale "masterpieces". I could go on an eminence adjoining to a complex of the various organizations, where the REGISTRY OFFICE in the center, with attached to an input « the Triumphal arch ». An arch from postreorganization, without cracks, a red brick. But I went to a bottom, on asphalt sidewalk, and saw Asya from afar. It was not one, with the boyfriend. It has slightly pinched vanity. But very much slightly, as I have no property rights on Asya. It a free bird. And that between us was three kisses in a hand, yet an occasion to consider "union" fastened. Even the stamp press hardly will possible to reduce number wishing to flirt with Asya. It, probably, is created for this purpose. I to it and have told, when, on a return way, have come into the Temple of wedding, through restaurant where had dinner, waiting time of a dinner in the REGISTRY OFFICE. Has told to it, that it could become the ingenious mistress, and press the some people in the book « Hundred great mistresses ». However, for this purpose it should become the mistress of the great person. And I while on this rank do not extend.
I have approached to doors of the REGISTRY OFFICE hardly before two, and having pulled the handle on myself, have felt counteraction of a lock. But, having heard rustles, Asya has approached and has opened a door. It was in black trousers. Has hidden the legs and round шрамик on the right leg. Its hair have been dismissed. This time it, on the contrary, by the end of our appointment has collected hair behind.
Today it was not so artistic. Probably, absence of a dope affected its condition. Not wedding day. I have noticed traces of sleepless night under its eyes. Probably, it had in 17-th lunar day a pair contact. Then, when I began to tell about the manuscript, about the text in which it is brought, Asya gradually began to enter into the form. Moreover has brought up restaurant, in which would like it to invite to see how it dances. But Asya has told, that does not go to such institutions.
It has taken my documents, including the passport. The manager again is not present. Has given me phone of the REGISTRY OFFICE. I can call, write down its voice, from a radio telephone.
The end of our appointment has been saddened by occurrence of two young men. Witnesses. Already a hand you will not kiss. It was necessary to say goodbye « on dry ».
Yes, it is impossible to enter into one river twice. If on Friday I have left the REGISTRY OFFICE with singing heart today, on Tuesday, I have left the same doors with easy smack of bitterness. Or, perhaps, without any smack: without bitter and without sweet. Sweet it is necessary to sit there, in an armchair. With a tube of phone near the right hand. Could call, yes the occasion is not present.
Occasion could be love. But for love, apparently, too there is no occasion. And for a poem there is no occasion. And it just testifies that I am quite healthy, not " there has gone a roof ". It is not enamoured. Asya''s magic has evaporated. For me. And for the one who flirted with it at an input, under " the Triumphal arch ", this magic was. Asya has told, that it was Стрелец.
Perhaps, has in vain told to Asya that has started to write about it.
It knows, that at Тургенева there is a story "Asya".



It recently began meet often enough to me in city. Some times saw it in the machine, in our edges, in "village".
The penultimate meeting took place... In a recreation center "Oilman" where I have come on January, 25th, in Татьянин day, in hope to see the beloved. And here I cost at a window in a wardrobe, I receive the information confirming прежнею the information that have already left in Александровское, in city, and, so and at evening in honour of Day of all Tatyanas, it is not present. From the opened door in a hall where passed fun, send two young women. One of them - Asya. We have greeted. They have passed by, probably, to smoke. Once I wished to reduce Asya in restaurant to have a look, as it dances. And here it as though at restaurant. It, certainly, danced. And, having returned to a hall, probably, will dance still. There twilight, little tables at which young men sit. Students basically. Places are not present. The notice. And I am not entered in any way in this youth company. Староват. And a suit at me not modern. However, if it has appeared at evening, I intended to take part in fun. But absence of the Ladylove has deprived with me resoluteness and adventurism. Therefore it was not possible to see, how dances Асия.
And last meeting took place more recently. Probably, I went to shop " Pine ", to receive money for a portrait. Not reaching "Novelty" has met Asya. It looked at me with the concealed smile.
- Hello, Asya, - I have greeted it when we have almost overtaken. It has answered with a smile. Could stop. Similar, not that destiny, not that still any судьбовершители send it to me. There is such statement: " Consonants the Destiny conducts, not consent drags... "
Thought of it, having woken up today. To leave one loveful woman, to receive injections of jealousy from dialogue with another... Has read through two first the chapter. Also has found much in common between young still Asya and already forty-year with хвостиком.
Has freshened in memory of ability of Asya to come into contact to unfamiliar men.
It is interesting, whether Asya in the REGISTRY OFFICE works, or has left?



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